I Python, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Project Management and DevOps!

my_name = Matt Irving

i_am_currently = Coding, Fishing, Gaming or Exercising...|

def matt_irving():

# most important stuff
years_married = '10 years, 9 months, 11 days'
kids = 3
dogs = 2
# 2nd most important stuff
resume = 'Download here'
linked_in = 'Follow me here'
bio = 'Simplifying and safeguarding technology since 2017. I'm a PMI certified project manager (PMP) who speaks fluid Python, PHP, SQL and JavaScript and have used those languages to create Super Easy CRM and Super Easy PA.
The former is a multipurpose, industry neutral project, sales and operations management CRM equipped with powerful analytics tools and a simple, intuitive user interface. The latter is a hyper focused CRM dedicated to streamlining the prior authorization process for patients across the nation.
I'm also extremely well versed in cloud computing and DevOps. My favorite hosting services are AWS and PythonAnywhere.'

if you_would_like_to_contact_me == 'Yes':
     my_self_esteem = 'Much higher now. Thanks! Click here'

     my_feelings = 'Not hurt at all...seriously...'
     am_i_crying = 'Of course not...I have allergies...really'

def my_web_apps():

Super Easy CRM
supereasycrm = 'Super Easy CRM is an all-in-one business management tool. Using it's simple, intuitive interface, small businesses can manage operations, implement ticketing systems and monitor tasks remotely. Among the myriad of other innovative features, Super Easy CRM feature a unique department workflow management tool. This module allows teammates to share documents and collaborate remotely, while giving supervisors insight into daily operations.'
Super Easy PA
supereasypa = 'Super Easy PA is a web application that combines the task and project management elements of an operational CRM with a structured patient-centric environment for prior authorizations. Super Easy PA will give you hours of your day back. Anyone who works with prior authorizations will benefit tremendously from utilizing software dedicated to this critically important aspect of healthcare.'

def contact_matt():